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Easy to use crypto platform allowing you to buy BTC and other popular crypto at zero fees.


Earn Up to 18% APY with Monthly Compounding through SmartEarn

Earn passive income at your own terms on USDT and USDC. Collect daily interest automatically to your account with the flexibility to access your funds at any time.


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Exchange USD, EUR and GBP seamlessly and instantaneously and several other frontier and emerging currencies.

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Why Choose PowerPay?


Enjoy Around-the-Clock Customer Support Anytime You Need It


Experience Top-notch Security and Comprehensive Insurance for Peace of Mind

Licensed &

Regulated Digital

assets institution


Your Security Is Our Number One Priority

Compliance and regulation

We adhere to all relevant regulations and compliance standards to ensure the safety and security of our clients' investments. Our compliance team continuously monitors changes in regulations and updates our processes accordingly.

European based regulated company

As a European licensed entity we have to undergo monthly audit checks and risk assessments to validate security of our customer fund

Security through out the trade cycle

We constantly monitor and check our infrastructure for any possible vulnerability and provide insurance on all our client funds.

Exchange Fiat and Swap Crypto

Discover low exchange rates from Fiat to USDT with T+0 settlement.



Daily interest paid on USDT and USDC with Zero Lock up and compounding monthly.



Deposit GBP,EUR and USD in seconds.


Crypto and Fiat

Experience the best prices on crypto and fiat exchange.


Frequently Asked Questions

What products does PowerPay provide?

PowerPay allows its customers to exchange up to 70 currencies into USDT and USDC at low costs and quick settlement times. PowerPay also allows customers to lend their USDT and USDC to earn daily interest for a period of up to 30 days with zero lock up.

How do I buy bitcoin on PowerPay?

PowerPay is connected to a number of exchanges and provides the customer access to the best prices on BTC,ETH and other popular crypto currencies at zero fees.

Where is PowerPay based?

PowerPay Sp. z.o.o is a polish based limited liability company and fully licensed and regulated by the Polish Ministry of Justice.

Is PowerPay Safe?

Yes, PowerPay is a licensed and regulated European entity which requires a monthly audit to validate and reconcile customer funds held. This exercise has to be undergone by an external auditor and submission to the Ministry of Finance.

How do I open an account with PowerPay?

The onboarding is quite simple and customers can easily fill in their details on the web application, submit their documents for KYC and upon approval fund their accounts.